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GEM Missions

Step One: Team Member

  • It is our desire that everyone at Highview has a global view of God evangelizing the world though the calling and sending of His people.

    Acts 1:8 but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.”

    Three areas of focus: (The goal always is to spread the Gospel)

  • 1) Fresno/Clovis (Jerusalem)

    2) The Valley, Mexico, United States (Judea/Samaria)

    3) Cross cultural world (Remotest part of the earth)


    • Membership at Highview preferred.

    • Assist in Highview missions activities.

    • Pray for our missionaries and missions activities.

    • For Highview support for STINTS (short-term international missions service)

    • Must be a member of Highview.

    • Must be a member of the missions team. • Must have served as a team member

    Next Steps:

    • Participate in Highview’s missions team (contact Missions director, Matt Cockrum: bingbrasil@gmail.com)

    • Participate in local missions

    • Participate in informing and organizing missions in your Growth Group.

    (Contact Matt Cockrum)

    • Participate in Child Evangelism Fellowship, Good News Clubs, or Operation

    Christmas Child. (Contact Jeri Crapo: jericrapo33@yahoo.com)

    • Participation in STINTS (short-term international missions service) (Contact Matt Cockrum)

Step Two: Team Leader

The missions team leader oversees a specific area of missions to promote the vision: Everyone at Highview has a global view of God evangelizing the world through the calling an sending of His people to Jerusalem (local), Judea an Samaria (US and Mexico), and the remotest part of the earth (other nations or people groups).


• Must be a member of Highview.

• Must be a member of the missions team.

• Must have participated as a missions team member.

• As a leader, you are responsible for working with the Director in recruiting,

training, and discipline team members.

• As a leader, you will organize and direct your team in your area of missions


• As a leader, you will meet regularly with the missions director, the missions

elder, and other leaders.

Next Steps:

• Apply for the position by meeting with the missions director and missions elder.

(Contact Matt Cockrum:bingbrazil@gmail.com)

• Approval by the missions leadership group.

Step Three: Team Director

A Director has the joy and responsibility to serve the teaching Leaders and Team Members. They do so by training, resourcing, scheduling and praying for the team. In doing so, we are confident that God will use Directors to support the proclamation of his mighty deeds to the next generation. 

• Must be a member at Highview.
• Must have served as a Team Member and Teaching Leader.
• The time commitment is approximately 3 hours each week.
• A Director is needed in 3 separate areas:
Nursery – Preschool – Elementary
• Every year, gather your team for training, appreciation, and encouragement.

Next step:
• Contact Sandy Parker to discuss the exciting possibilities for future ministry.
• Keep in mind that there is a need for directors in 3 areas:
Nursery – Preschool – Elementary

Contact: sandy@highviewbible.com